Fully Customized Dry Erase Coaching Boards | How It Works

A Fully Custom Dry Erase Coaching Board?

That's right! Here at CoachingBoards.com we specialize in planning, designing, and printing high quality fully custom coaching boards for all sports. Our custom coaching boards take a play off of our regular boards but we add some personalization to them such as team names, logos, player line-ups, coach names, etc. No matter the sport, we are able to create a coaching board specifically for your team that will help you reach the next level this season.


How Does This Process Work?

Since we make all of our coaching boards in house, we have the ability to tweak many aspects of our boards to fit your own style. All you have to do to order one of our custom coaching boards is to find a style that you like on our site, and head over to our "Custom Pricing" page where all the information can be found. Once the type of board that you are interested is chosen, email Orders@coachingboards.com with all the necessary information and we can get back to you with final costs, ETA, and any other information that you may need before we design some proofs for you.


How Does Custom Pricing Work?

Since we design and print so many custom boards for teams across North America, we came out with our Custom Pricing chart that lowers the price if a customer wants to buy a few boards or even supply their whole organization with one. Each style of board has it's own pricing and requires only a file set-up fee of $45 to get your board designed.


What Is The Advantage To A Custom Board?

It is impossible for all coaches to have identical styles so some personalization is definitely an advantage to suit your style as a coach better. You want your team to be focused and working together, so having a legit looking coaching board with logos, names, etc. help bring team spirits up! The second biggest advantage to having a custom coaching board is that if your team is going out there to win, you have to look good doing it... you can't send them out when all you have is a paper notebook!


How Long Does It Take To Get A Board Produced?

Dependent on the time in the season and the order size, we can typically get our boards built in a few business days. As soon as we get confirmation on the style that you are looking for and proofs, we send out an online invoice, confirm proofs, and start printing them out. We let every customer know the specifics of the project before we begin as each custom order is unique.


What Sports Do We Make Custom Boards For?

Our core group of sports that we design our boards for are Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Box Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Football (NFL and CFL), Hockey, Lacrosse, Ringette, Rugby, Soccer, and Ultimate Frisbee but we are not limited to just those! If you have an idea and some pictures, we can produce almost anything!